Building Brands From The Inside Out

Tick Management Group offers a variety of consulting services, each of which is customized based on organizational goals. Using a coaching approach, with a strong focus on the fusion of soft skills with hard ones, we work to identify areas of opportunity for change within reach. Our Expertise lies in brand development, customer experience, organization, workplace etiquette and management/executive coaching. Read more >

Who We Are:

Founded by Entrepreneur, Consultant and Professional coach, Jeremy Tick, Tick Management Group is a collaborative team of subject matter experts. Our breadth of knowledge ranges from consumer products to entertainment, government to high fashion, and retail to advertising and production. Together, we offer a wealth of knowledge spanning all functional areas of business, providing customized solutions to small business challenges. Read more >

What we do?

Specialized in small business development, with a strong focus on talent driven enterprises, we work with clients to create brands of significance and organizations structured for their support. Read more >

Why choose us?

Founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we offer malleability, genuine intellectual interest and real world expertise focused on sustainability. Our business is in the business of small businesses. We don’t work to help find your exit strategy; we work to find your in. Read more >